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Yoga & Meditation

⋅ You are looking for a place where you can learn and practice this?
⋅ You want to reset your mind your body.
⋅ Maybe you are looking for a nice place to write a book?

In the north of India is Rishikesh. 230 km far from Delhi. For shure you have heard of it. So let me show you the finest places to do your exercises. Nice Guesthouses, basicly Ashrams or First-Class-Hotels.

You can do Yoga in small groups or Singel-Course.

Do your exercises directly on the holy Ganga. Fresh Air - Perfect Breath

I can offer you some really cute Ashrams. Basicly to live but huge for body and mind.

My secret trip…

is the place where the BEATLES where inspired 1968 to there legendary „White Album“. No one Sign will lead you to this place. Only a „No entry“. But if you are going in the is a man who guide you for 50 rupis around the area.

And than, my friend you will sit in HUT No. 9, where John Lennon staied.

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