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India´s First Class Heritage Hotels

I really want to show you a very special kind of hotels. Not the modern ones - you know these from Europe. I want to show you really old Mahals. Owned and ruled by Mahraja Families.

Feel and enjoy the days in one of the best old heritage Hotels in India. Most of the places are more than 500 years old. They where restored with so much love and heart you can not imagine.

One of my favorites is the DEOGARG MAHAL between Jaipur and Udaipur. Enjoy the websites of this beautyful place.

If you are interested in a india-tour like these please contact me. Over 30 places like this i am able to offer you. You can visit everyday another one. You can also stay for some days at one place. We will show you the sights around the mahals and we will bring you to very special places you can not find by yourself.

Our Idea is to show india in a fine relaxed mood.
Are you tired from sitting everyday in the car and run from on typical sight to another?

We have a brilliant hearttouching idea!
Spend one week or more on one Place. Come in touch with the old indian traditions.

Do a cooking course. Meet the farmer and there wifes and learn the real way of indian cooking. Use spices and cook on open fire.

Make a painting course with an old indian painter. Learn how they made the color. Learn to make the brushes. Learn the art of miniaturpainting.

Learn to play typical indian music instruments with an educated teacher. Learn how they build the instruments. Which material they use. How they play.

Take indcredible photographs in the style of 1900. Use old film cameras or modern digital. Get a feeling for the mystical moments. Take your time as you like to make a „klick“ at the right moment.

If you are back at home, you will never forget this time.

Stressless and relaxed days in mahal indian athmosphere.

Feel like a Maharani, feel like a Maharaja.

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