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incredible !ndia

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Our tours are different...

...we keep our Traditions alive!

India is changing in the last years a lot. A good reason for me to show you the traditonal Site of my Country.

One of them is the SARI. The oldest femal cloth of india.

Unfortunaly a lot of young indian women forget this beautyful kind of wearing. It gives a women so much grace and style.

I will show you the places where they made. How much expirence the workers must have do creat such a lovley and nice cloth.

I will show you places where the SARI becomes alive. Not the industrial places. I will show you the old and emotional Site of Sari-making.

Even you have seen this... .... you will understand why they are so precious.

makes the difference!

We show you the places of india where the most travelagencys are not going on.

We want to show you the lovley sightseeings beside the big Touristic-Routes.

We bring you in contact with the basics of indian living-culture.

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