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Company: DilShad-Travelguide

Owner: Dil Shad


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Company: deko-sign

Name: Oliver Schmidt

Address: Kugelfang 20
  82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

Tel.: 0049 8141 888 96 0


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1. What is Dilshad-Travelguide?
Dilshad is the founder of the CEO of the travel agency with four employees. He organizes the trips, routes and accommodation for his guests.

2. How long does the agency exist?
The company was founded in 1999, were Dilshad worked with other travel agents. Since 2005 he accompanies his own guests in India.

3. What differentiates Dilshad-Travelguide from other offers?
Every driver is personally known. We have talked to every one to ensure that all current European requirements are met. This is also underlined through personal feedback of the clients themselves.

4. Information about the Vehicles
Every vehicle meets the current safety standards. Therefore all vehicles contain a new paar of wheels, the brakes are checked twice annually and air condition is also provided. The seats have fresh white covers which are washed before every trip. No vehicle is older than five years.

5. The German contact to Dilshad
We will build a trustworthy bridge between your trip to India and Dilshad. Wie cannot give you exact prices or planned routes, this can only be done in Englich. We can answer your questions through personal contact. Since we know him and his team for a long time, and influence their development, we see ourselves as a quality benchmark for your trip. We do not work for commission. The only reason why we help him and his family is our friendship.

6. The service around the guest
The reoccurring positive feedbacks from the guests are a result of accurate operation of the agency. How we welcome the guests at the airport, provide the service during the stay, and farewell all plays a big role. These rules are the basis for his positive development. We’ll hold on to you because you are what guests believe is welcoming.

7. Open your eyes when choosing a agency.
We have often witnessed how travelers thought that a high price will result with a high quality. German agencies usually work together with large Indian agencies who tend to employ a driver depending on the demand. As such, the guests often only receive a poor service regarding hotels, vehicles and drivers for the high price. This is not always the case, but we still often witness this.

8. The TourGuides from Dilshad
They are all drivers who have more than 10 years experience working with European guests. Every one of them fluently speaks English so that they can assist you with price negotiations, have a phone with them in case of any problems, accompany you if you wish to go somewhere yourself. They all have a friendly and broad-minded character with whom you can have pleasant conversations, whilst they also respect the moment of silence in the Vehicles. The drivers have a clean presence and a very helpful manner.

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